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18-19-20/11/2021 - SEALOGY- the European Blue economy exhibition is coming! Ferrara (IT)

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19/10/2021 - JOINT CROSS BORDER TRAINING - "Innovative projections achieved by the organization of pilot projects in business and market environment through the PRIZEFISH project" in Zadar

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4-7/10/2021 - Aquaculture Europe, Madeira

Climate change, depletion of natural resources including water and energy, pollution, food security and safety and human migrations are some of the topics of the AE2021, the Aquaculture Europe 2021 exhibition that will take place in Madeira from 4 to 7 October 2021.

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01/10/2021 - Adri.SmArt.Fish & PRIZEFISH projects: joint capacity building event “Valorization of quality and sustainability of the Adriatic Fisheries”.  Ancona (IT)
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Lab opening press release on the Island of Lipari

29/06/2021 - the Bythos biotechnologies laboratory on the Island of Lipari celebrated its launch during a short opening event.

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06/05/2021 - ARGOS Project Press and Launching Conference

The ARGOS project kick-off meeting and press conference took place on May 2021 via ZOOM. ARGOS is a strategic project co-financed bt the INTERREG Italy-Croatia 2014-2020 Programme and jointly carried out by 16 organizations of Italy and Croatia under coordination of the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Regional Authority. ARGOS aims to establish and encourage a common coordinated framework for a sustainable and shared management of Adriatic marine resources.  The project is implementing strategic and operational actions based on the best available knowledge and scientific advice to improve sustainable behaviaours in fisheries and aquaculture, by strengthening the dialogue between regional and cross-border stakeholder and testing practices and measures oriented  toward environmental sustainability.

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01/03/2021 - Bythos an EU Interreg V-A Italia-Malta project

Bythos is an EU Interreg V-A Italia-Malta project operating in Sicily and Malta to provide blue biotechnologies and expert skills, and to increase synergic action between researchers and enterprise.

Bythos, in co-creation with industry, has developed a range of extraction protocols for bioactive molecules (including marine collagen, chitosan and astaxanthin) and omega 3 & 6 oils. The extraction manuals, with step-by-step photographic support, give precise instructions to lab operators on how to extract key bioactive compounds from various Mediterranean fish and crustacean residues (available in large quantities from the fisheries sector), from the handling of the raw materials through to purification stage.

Bythos has been working closely with a cosmetics formula research company to define the extraction protocols in order to obtain products with good stability and efficacy for use in cosmetics, especially focusing on marine collagen from tuna and anchovies. A market analysis for marine collagen is already available and the second report on our specific Bythos products is currently underway.

The Business space has produced a report on bioactive molecules and the marine collagen industry including a local business analysis for Malta and Sicily and a similar report on the fish feed market. Bythos used the fish residues to produce fishmeal from anchovy and tuna residues, which were then analysed for protein, fats, minerals and heavy metals content. The fishmeal was used to make fish feed and RAS trials are currently underway to test the innovative feed formulas in aquaculture.

The labs in Sicily and Malta also provide training for enterprise interested in entering these various sectors (training on extraction protocols, fish meal production). Due to COVID restrictions, a series of Webinars have been scheduled which will include training videos filmed in our labs, a panel of experts both from research and industry, and a Q&As session for participants from local industry.

A set of business plans tailored to the various business opportunities analysed has been drawn up and will be posted on the Bythos website for consultation by enterprise to encourage growth and diversification within the Blue Economy and uptake of these new biotech products.

Warm recognition is given to the collaboration the project produced between our partners: the scientific partners and biotechnology space development Dept. STEBICEF, University of Palermo and the University of Malta; the AquaBio Tech Group (ABTG), Malta our aquaculture expert partner; the Distretto Pescaturismo and ABTG for the business Space development; Kialab for the cosmetics formula analysis and our two new Bythos lab hosts the Maltese Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture and the Comune di Lipari, Sicily.


03/01/2021 -ARIEL innovation brokering approach published on Journal of International Food and & Agribusiness Marketing

Participatory approaches can play a pivotal role in the fishery sector to stimulate innovation and knowledge exchange among stakeholders and orientation of policy decision making. Starting from these premises, University of Macerata under a cooperation agreement with Marche Region and ASSAM (Agency of Agrifood Sector Services of Marche) published a paper to present a multiple case study based on the ARIEL project innovation brokering approach and activities. The research paper- published on the Journal of International Food and Agribusiness Marketing – focused on “Innovation and knowledge exchange in small-scale fishery and aquaculture sectors to shape new marketing strategies and practices. This research provides the content analysis of the outcome of the events in order to identify national peculiarities and transnational common points. Implications for marketing strategies and practices are then summarized.

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The ARIEL Final conference has been arranged on-line by the Region of Western Greece. The project partners and the invited institutional and technical speakers tackled key issues related to the innovation in small -scale fisheries and aquaculture sectors of the ADRION area. The partnership presented to the audience the final results of the project pilot actions carried out in Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and Greece as well as the policy and technical recommendations arisen from 3 years of activities. The event stimulated the dialogue for further cooperation between researchers, public administrations and enterprises.

28/11/2020 - Αλιεία Μικρής Κλίμακας: Πηγές Χρηματοδότησης

AdriSmArtFish: the small-scale fisheries state of play in Adriatic!

Have a look to the Reports on the state of play of the small-scale fisheries in Adriatic delivered by the AdriSmArtFish project!

D.3.1. 3 Regional Report on SSF_status_Italy 

D.3.1. 3 Regional Report on SSF_status_Croatia